California Love

ADV.1 Wheels continues to take the world by storm.....This time, it's in the form of this exquisite Ferrari California. Talk about a jaw dropping stance! I'm absolutely in love right now, and I'm sure many of you will agree with me on this one. Photos by William Stern

Work Euroline X Stanced 350Z

Check out the stance and lips on this super clean 350Z! This beauty is sitting on 19x10 -9 and 19x11 -21 Work Euroline wheels! Although, I would prefer this car to be an other color, everything still goes together quite nicely. Photos by Chris Minshall

03′ Super S2k [Teaser]

This car has come a long ways, but here's a little teaser of a fantastic looking S2k owned by Mr. Lee Vincent Ellis aka... 03supers2k. In case you were wondering, wheels are Championship White Volk Racing RE30 in 17x9.5 +22 offsets all around. And also, not only is this beast good looking, it packs a... Continue Reading →

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