Hottie: Jenn Q

Hailing from the Bay Area, make sure you go check out this hottie at a show near you! She was at Wekfest btw ;D

Good Evening

White Work XD-9s have been extremely popular amongst the Subaru community as of late. And I can't blame them, they do look mighty fine especially in an aggressive size and offsets. Photos by Sid Titus

Simply Clean S15

I think Nissan did an absolutely fantastic job on the design of the Silvia S15. Unlike the boxy S13, and the dated S14, the S15 carries a sleek body line that rivals the new cars of today. That's why I think a stock bodied S15 with a nice stance and wheels is sufficient enough to... Continue Reading →

The Beastly Beauty

So, I'm sure we've all heard of the Beauty and the Beast and know that they're two separate entities.....But what if you can combine the power of the beast and the elegance of the beauty into one entity or in this case, a car. It would perhaps look something like this unbelievably clean HPF-powered, BBS... Continue Reading →

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