Hottie: Trisha Lynn

I know I posted a picture of her way back in September of last year.....but I thought she deserves her own 'Hottie' post. Don't you agree????? ;D

The Dopest Sil80

This candy orange Sil80 is in front and center of the May 2011 issue of Import Tuner. Sitting on 18x10 -3 and a whopping 18x13 +4 offsets Work Equips, how can you not like this thing! Photos by Warren Shimquee

Kyushu-Danji Tomiyoshi NSX

Here's a few up-to-date pictures of Kyushu-Danji Tomiyoshi's ever changing NSX. This super fast 56 sec Tsukuba time attack car is one you don't want to be reckoned with!

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