Orange Flavor

NSX.....a car that needs no introduction.. Photos by Synth19 Photo

2010 Hankook Revolution RX7 [Video]

Here's the in-car footage of the Hankook/Revolution RX7 FD3S lapping the Tsukuba Circuit in 53.673 secs.....just a tad slower than HKS' CT230r Evolution. Enjoy. Be sure to check out the full coverage of the 2010 Rev Speed Super Lap Battle on Speed Hunters.

Shining Star

You don't really see one of these often, let alone one that looks this immaculate and so highly modified.....And if you don't know, this is a Toyota Starlet. This widebody machine sure looks fast...but is it really??? With a turbocharged 4A-GE bet your ass it is! Photos by Synth19 Photo for

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