Monthly Archives: December 2010

***Personal Favorite***

This following set of photos will probably go down as my favorite set of automotive photography that I have posted so far this year. I think this says a lot as I’ve posted some very stunning photos from many great photographers out there. But this set takes the cake cause not only does it feature a very nicely modded car, but it also features great lighting and editing by the photographer, not to mention the even more stunning backdrop.

Enjoy! (be sure to click on the photos for full size! you would want to!)

Photos courtesy of Dylan Leff

If this photo does not take your breath away…I don’t know what will.


**Hottie Post** [Holiday Edition]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. Hope you guys got all the presents you wanted and ate like there’s no tomorrow 😀 As for myself, I grubbed like a pig with the fambam, despite being sick for the past few days…anyways, I thought it’d be nice to show off some Christmas spirit by Maureen Chen and Nancy Lay for all the fellas and lady-lovers out there. (I know girls like to check out other girls as well -__-) So, here ya go! Enjoy!

Photos were shot by multiple photographers during AutoCon LA 2 weeks ago.