Snow White

Here's a super clean Z33 rockin' the Chargespeed V1. front bumper, Amuse side skirts and Strosek rear bumper. The flawless pearlescent white paint is matched with some aggressively sized Volk RE30 mag blue wheels. (19x10 +10 F, 19x11 +10 R respectively) Overall, this is a very tastefully modded Z. Photos courtesy of John Bakaldin for... Continue Reading →

Voltex STi, Street Spec

This is member STiyiyi's beautifully aggressive STi. It's rockin' some brand new 18x10 +18 WedsSport SA55m in the BRM (Black Red Machining) finish, and a full arsenal of Voltex aero pieces. I am absolutely in LOVE with these wheels......the finish, and the sizing is just perfect! One down side to this car, however, are the... Continue Reading →

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