MMMmmm…..Good! [Part II]

Another set of E92 M3 photos.....this is a different M3 from my previous post. But these photos are absolutely stunning! Great work by Four View Studio. Looks like an Evo showed up for some fun! LOL


BBS LM.....a timeless and classic design that never gets old...It is by far one of my favorite wheels of all time and it can make almost any car look good. But my car of choice for this particular wheel has always been the BMW M3. And this AW E92 M3 pretty much tells the story... Continue Reading →

Dare I Say…Cleanest GRB In The World?

This is a beautiful video entry of L-SCHLEGS's GRB STi for Cobb Tuning's Film Festival. This video has been out for a couple months now, so it's not the newest shit, but I thought it would be worth posting. For more info on this car, follow the link: HERE

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