Hottie: Genevieve Chanelle

Hailing from the bay area, this hottie's got all the right stuff.

Canadian Terror

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia is this sweet ass S2000. This is basically another all Spooned out S2k, minus the hood, rear bumper, and hardtop. One of my favorite part of this car has got to be the Chameleon colored roll-cage, which was painted to match the owner's previous wheels, a set of Advan RS'.

For Love Of A Fairlady

This is one of the cleanest 370z that I've seen since they were introduced back in 2009. I love the choice of wheels in the timeless Volk TE37, and the white compliments the car's blue hue quite nicely. Also, the aero and stance adds to this Z's already aggressive look from the factory. Photos courtesy... Continue Reading →

D. Money’s ‘Ultimate Bug-Eye’

Yesterday, I posted up a few photos of D. Money's unbelievably clean, and well-built Subaru. Now comes the FULL shoot by Eric Tong Photography. Check out this absolutely amazing set. And in case you are wondering, the full mod list is located after the photos.....and it is LONG!!! Mods list: Exterior: JUN Auto Bumper (Authentic)... Continue Reading →


It's been awhile......of no S2ks on my blog that is! Well, here's one for ya! This is another beautiful set by FatKidPhotography of my buddy Nit's Spooned out S2000.

Ultimate Bug-Eye

This following 'bug-eye' Impreza is one of the most complete, and well modified Subaru that I have ever seen.....I'm sure the majority of you can agree with me as well after looking through the pictures. The parts list on this Subie is absolutely MIND-BLOWING! But some notable parts include an authentic JUN front bumper, 18x9.5... Continue Reading →


This photo is pretty self-explanatory.....the amount of WIN in the photo is pretty mind blowing..... Enjoy. Photo courtesy of Chester Ng

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