Spocom Invade Norcal

For the first time ever, Spocom hosted a show in Norcal for its 2010 season on May 1st. I was not able to attend this show, but found some coverage of it courtesy of JSJbrothers.com.

Hello Kitty, and eye candies INCLUDED LMAO! =D


Buddy Joey..AKA (Stormtrooper)’s NSX.

Buddy Chris’ WRX.

Some other rides..

This next car have more decorations than actual car mods lol.

But I bet the girls like it =D

Hello Kitty anyone?????

And finally…..some eye candy for the doods.

Jeri Lee’s new look…..not really diggin’ it… O.o

For the rest of the coverage visit JSJbrothers.com

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