Vorsteiner GTRS3 IN WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexy, just got sexier. Vorsteiner unveiled the very first GTRS3 widebody kit for the E92 M3 last month in a matte green finish. Now here's the second one, and in a more epic, clean finish. SICK!.

Met-R X6 Interceptor

[Murder She Wrote entry 2] I'm still not a big fan of the X6, but I gotta admit...the kit, wheels, and paint looks pretty good on this one.

Evolution X on SA-55m [Round 2]

Another Evo X with Weds SA-55m. I'm in love with these wheels, especially in the Black Blue Machining finish... I'm also feeling the factory aero package on this Evo...it's got that simple, aggressive look..PROPER. Wheels are 18x10 +18

Cyber Evo Wins World Time Attack 2010!

Cyber Evo once again positions itself on top of the motorsports world with a first place overall time at the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia. The Cyber Evo set the standard at 1:30.899 with Sierra Sierra Enterprise's Evo 8 in second place with a 1:31.884 and Cusco/Tomei Sti in third with a 1:31.899. All... Continue Reading →

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