Achieving The Stance

Hella Flush is a much debated topic in recent years and has resulted in segregation in many automotive communities. It is a trend not for everyone, but some people like to put their .02 and more in this topic, and start posting hate comments and other derogatory things towards owners of Hella Flush vehicles. If you don’t like it, leave, get the fuck out, I’m sure everyone don’t like negative comments about their cars. I posted this post because the S2000 you see here, received such negative comments on the forum, and wanted to show my appreciation for the owner’s hard work on achieving “the stance”. Enjoy

The car is a Suzuka AP2 rollin on 17×9 +12 Gram Lights 57D. Camber is set at -6.75 out back O.O


6 thoughts on “Achieving The Stance

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  1. Way too much camber in my opinion. gross!!!! LOL JK. I like the flush look but I prefer to have a flush look with minimal camber. I also love the meaty aggressive track tire overhang look too.

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