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Alphard Mafia

Ahh……this is something different…not often do you see minivans grace the pages of this blog but I had to share these three tastefully modded Toyota Alphards in this post. All three of these minivans are dropped perfectly with two rocking Work VS-XX and one on BBS LM-R respectively. I must say, I wouldn’t mind rocking one of these!

Photos via MINKARA

p1 (1)


p5 (1)









I’ve been a pretty big fan of Japanese van culture as of late, and I’ve seen some really nice and also really over-the-top builds both in Japan and here in the States. Personally, I prefer the subtle, clean builds over the crazy cambered (oni camber) ones, and this Odyssey on Work VS-XX really stands out as one of my favorites that I’ve seen…

Photos via MINKARA

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p3 (1)

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Accurate Execution

Earlier in the year I said I was gonna go out and shoot more features for the blog, so I dusted off the camera and hit my buddy Tixx from TEAMREV.NET up for a shoot. I specifically chose him for a shoot cause I knew his Acura TL had recently went through some nice changes and I wanted to get it featured here for you guys. The most significant change it went through is the new wheel setup. It’s now rocking some really aggressive Work VS-XX in 18×10 +12 and 18×11 +0 fitment, a much better look than his previous Enkei RPF1 setup.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

Flush Extremist

First, a little precaution. If you don’t like ‘HellaFlush’, please skip this post. If like little to mild flushness, please also skip this post. If you are a die hard stance/fitment guy or gal, then this S2k might just make you drool. This car and its fitment is definitely not for everyone. The gold Work VS-XX is literally poking out of the wheel wells and tires, but for what it is, this car fits right into the ‘stance’ scene. Personally, the fitment is a bit extreme for my taste, but overall, I think the colors and mods on the car compliments each other quite nicely.

Photos by Christopher Zamora

Cream of the Crop

We’ve all seen cars that stand out among a crowd and this FD Civic below is the cream of the crop. Sporting an aggressive stance with the help of some white-faced Work VS-XX, and a hoard of carbon fiber parts, there’s nothing not to like about this car!

Photos by Brendan Bannister