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Orange Crush: Modified WRX STi Type RA NBR Challenge

I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with the top-of-line Subaru Impreza WRX STi. But I’m also sure that most of you have no idea just how many variations and limited editions of said STis there are. One of the most exclusive (Limited to 200, Japanese Spec only), is this Tangerine Orange Pearl Type RA NBR Challenge Package. Now, personally, I’d be afraid to mod a limited edition of any car, but I’m all game for some subtle mods to make the car yours.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo w1.png

A gorgeous set of Advan RS-DF and a nice drop is all this Subie needs to make it extra special.

 photo w2.png

 photo w3.png

 photo w4.png

 photo w5.png

HKS Titanium/stainless steel exhaust gives this car a meaner sound and a better ass.

 photo w6.png

One word for these Advan RS-DF….. Ballin.

 photo w7.png

 photo w8.png

I LOVE the “limited” interiors!

 photo w9.png

A Breath of Fresh Air: One Flawless STi Type RA

You know, these days when you stumble upon modified Subarus, more likely than not, they’re rolling on some knock off wheels looking for that concaveness. Of course, everyone is entitled to mod their cars however they please, but when I see cars done right like this ultra rare GM8 STi Type RA, I gotta give it props! You won’t see any knock offs with this car, just authenticity throughout.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 15683994884_93333d60ce_h_zps6b21e248.jpg

 photo 16361648722_964f80a1d4_h_zps9a92c435.jpg

 photo 16362543135_a4a1e9ca35_h_zps1b5b6f24.jpg

 photo 16362544145_766e72b403_h_zps66b4ed28.jpg

 photo 16174930678_213b174eac_h_zpsbfddb439.jpg

 photo 15573274763_f41f90397b_b_zps8de29618.jpg

Authenticity just looks so much better.

 photo 15873835530_9c675911cf_h_zps9b64a661.jpg

Even the intake is genuine Zerosports product.