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There are cars out there that just seems pretty basic and simple at a quick glance, but when you take a more detailed look into the vehicle, there is actually a lot of work that’s put into it. Take this S2000 for example, it seems like a regular stock-bodied car, but upon closer inspection, you can make out an ASM front fender, a Sorcery front bumper, a molded rear quarter panel, a modified rear bumper and a host of other fine details. Not to mention the mismatched WedsSport SA15R and Work Emotion 11R that actually sets the car off quite nicely as well.

Photos via MINKARA

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Widebody S2000 x Widebody NSX

Decided to go with a straight forward but eye-catching title for this post lol. These two beautiful widebodies are actually owned by one owner, believe it or not. And the fact that both of them are equally well modded and widebodied is even more unbelievable…

Photos via MINKARA

The NSX is rocking a super wide Sorcery S-GT kit along with Volk Racing SE37K wheels.

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The S2000 is sporting a classic Powerhouse Amuse widebody and Volk Racing TE37 wheels.

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Definition of the Perfect Honda

I know this is all based on personal preferences but this Sorcery equipped NSX is one of the most perfect I’ve ever seen. The owner actually had a set of Work XT7 wheels on before this setup, but I like the new XSA 04Cs much better! I know some of you guys like a more simple look as far as modifying cars is concerned, but I lOVE aggressive setups…..when done right of course.

Photos via MINKARA

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