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Doing Things Right

Some car owners/enthusiasts just like to slap on whatever parts they can get their hands on and call it a day. There’s no thorough planning or thoughts put into their build, and their car tends to end up as a quantity over quality build. Well, that is definitely not the case for this amazingly clean NSX from The City by the Bay. This NSX is rocking a host of ballin’ goodies which includes a set of iconic, BBS LMs, matching red Bride driver and passenger seats, and full titanium exhaust amongst many other parts. Enjoy.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive!

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Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part III]

Final part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!’s coverage of Japan Relief Gathering. I know there’s a lot of cars that I missed, but I was really just enjoying myself that day and wasn’t really concentrating on snapping photos of every car…..I know for a fact that I missed the whole ATS crew. Sorry! But I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage that I did have.

Thanks for looking!

Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part II]

Part II of MoMoHitsTheSpot!’s coverage of Japan Relief Gathering.

Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part I]

Here is the first part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!’s coverage of the April 3rd Japan Relief Gathering held in San Francisco. It was a great day of beautiful cars, weather, and a perfect view of the San Francisco Bay. But most importantly…..it was a day where Bay Area enthusiasts gathered for a great cause, I tip my hat to everyone who came out and showed support to the devastated country of Japan.

Now on to the pics..