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Bay Area S2ki Showoff: Circuit Spec Suzuka

So this past weekend the Bay Area S2ki guys had a little pot luck and get together at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, CA and being a long time S2000 owner myself, I felt an obligation and need to show up. And I’m glad I did.

I love this particular meet cause it was just so chill and relaxed and the fact that I saw a bunch of faces that I haven’t seen in ages was a huge plus. But besides the people, there were of course, the cars and a handful of them really caught my attention. One of those handful was this gorgeous Suzuka.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo s2k11.jpg

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to chat with the owner, but I was told this car was pushing 300+ HPs thanks to a Comptech supercharger.

 photo s2k4.jpg

 photo s2k5.jpg

I’m lovin’ this Enkei RPF1 + CR Lip/splitter combo!

 photo s2k8.jpg

Towards the back end, there’s the J’s Racing and Voltex treatment.

 photo s2k6.jpg

 photo s2k9.jpg

 photo s2k3.jpg

 photo s2k7.jpg

 photo s2k10.jpg

Mugen Flavored Suzuka

I always seem to repeat this notion, but a lot of times keeping things simple goes a long ways. Case in point, this simple and gorgeous JDM Suzuka Blue S2000. With this car, you can literally count the aftermarket parts on one hand, but because these are well chosen parts (i.e. Mugen M7) it makes the car stand out from the rest.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 17093520595_c16c79856d_k.jpg

 photo 16905747068_7d7b61da8f_k.jpg

 photo 16905963100_b4b117fe48_k.jpg

 photo 17067562826_17f2e40ad2_k.jpg

 photo 17067562396_e7680f5612_k.jpg

Smurf Roadster: M&M Racing S2000

Chances are, you’ve probably had a glimpse of M&M Honda Racing’s new wide body kit for the S2000 which debuted recently. It’s definitely a love it or hate it thing, but its resemblance to the Rocket Bunny kits are uncanny. So, if you like overfenders and rivets, than most likely you’ll like this kit. Overall, I personally think that this kit fits the S2000 quite nicely as there aren’t any Rocket Bunny products available for this model and it’s definitely something different from the Amuse, the J’s Racing, the Tracy Sports, etc wide bodies.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via Flickr

 photo mm2_zpsf2295421.jpg

 photo mm1_zps466df210.jpg

 photo 16361056412_eedbc8607e_k_zps89f01082.jpg

 photo 16361055862_ec54fb7e9e_k_zps8c550bf5.jpg

 photo 15741987833_867f1f6c98_k_zps8c670ae8.jpg

 photo 16361953985_b2661b613c_k_zpsbd686af5.jpg

 photo 16174583520_d4d61404a0_k_zpsd7f0a233.jpg

Tsukuba Attack Fever60

One of my favorite type of auto racing has got to be time attack/circuit racing and in Japan, this type is as big as they get. This year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on most of the events in Japan and the most recent event was this past weekend’s Tsukuba Attack Fever 60. Like most of the “Attack” events, this one was filled with some heavy time attack cars.

Photos via MINKARA














p7 (6)

J’s Racing Smurf

Now here’s a real classic “J’s Racing” S2000 in a very eye-popping Smurf Blue colorway.

Photos via MINKARA

p1 (1)

p1 (2)

p5 (2)

I absolutely LOVE the color on this car and everything else on this car is just as eye-catching and genuine as can be.

p3 (4)

p1 (4)

J’s Racing is clearly the dominant manufacturer for this car but there’s also a handful of other notable names such as Spoon Sports, Voltex, Recaro, Cusco and others that are present throughout the car.

Attack Tsukuba 2014 [ Videos Only ]

I know this is a couple months late, but I thought I’d make a post dedicated to showing some of the Attack Tsukuba clips that they have up on YouTube. It’s a shame these videos are only getting 1-2k views because they are some pretty high quality clips showcasing some of Japan’s finest Time Attack cars clocking in laps at the famous, Tsukuba Circuit.

For this post, I’m just gonna post up some of my favorite clips from the event, but make sure to check the bottom of the post for a link to the official “Attack” channel on YouTube! There, you can find all the clips for your enjoyment!

First up, Kyushu-Danji BNR34 GTR.

Wacky Mate/Masa R32.


AGY Spring Road R32.

Garage Kagotani FD3S RX7.

Top Fuel Racing (向島R) FD3S RX7.

RE-Amemiya Deep Grip FD3S RX7.

Rems Redtree Craft Company FD3S RX7.

Moty’s & Ones FD3S RX7.

Car Shop Glow FD3S RX7.

Cashew Sunlight S15.

Blue Car Front Row 997 GT3.

SunBeam E46 M3 CSL.

Tohen Power 48G EG6.

Arvou (Yellow) S2000.

Taga Works S2000.

Super Now 997 GT3RS.

Arvou (White) S2000.

Garage Car Thani STi.

——–> “ATTACK” Maximum Challenge YouTube.

[Event Coverage] Wekfest pres. Charity Toy Drive 2014 ( Part 3 End )

Finally got to the rest of the photos from the Toy Drive, so take the time to check them out here!

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive



There were plenty of clean GTRs out that day such as this Battle Gray beauty.







Super clean Hondas were out in full force that day…



Couple of gorgeous Lexus flexing their stance game.


This S13 was one of the cleanest car that day. I LOVE the retro two-tone color scheme.



Couple of fine Fairladies.



This guy’s pretty proud of his Supra.





Here’s a few other gorgeous Supras…..


These AWD bros decided to park by themselves..




WRX, STi, and an Evo.


S2k on Enkei NT03+


Pretty proper E92 on BBS LM.


My buddy Hanzel, Chris, and Paul showing off their rides.



My buddy Paul’s S2K sitting on RE30s.


Out of all the Integras that day, this was one of my Favorites.


Finishing off the post with a couple of booties, cause we all love booties.

Alright, that was all of my coverage of the Toy Drive, so I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. I do have a few car sets left to post up, so stay tuned for that!