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Spoolin’ STi

Powerful, beautiful, sleek…when you put these three adjectives together, would a station wagon come to mind? Probably not. Unless you’re talking about a GRB STi, and this STi below has got the beauty, and enough power to alter the Earth’s rotation. Sitting pretty on a set of matte black RG-Ds, this Subie’s mild exterior kinda camouflages what hides underneath the hood, a Blouch Performance upgraded setup. A setup enough to pull upwards of 400++ HP!

Photos by Kenny Williams

Varis Equipped GRB

Big thanks to one of my good friend for linking me to pics of this absolutely amazing Subaru. This GRB is rocking some real baller parts if you take a look at the pictures. Like the title said, this car is equipped with a full Varis kit, along with a set of flat black Advan RG-Ds, Voltex rear spoiler, and a host of other goodies.

Photos by Spyder01 Photography

Chitown ‘X’ecutioner

Hailing from the Windy City, this stunning Wicked White Evo X is a definite neck-breaker whether its prowling the streets, track, or just sitting pretty at a show. When I first saw pictures of this Evo, I knew I had to feature this on MoMoHitsTheSpot!, and now I finally get the chance to share this stunning car with you guys. I can’t thank the owner, Raymond Leung, enough for sending me these brand new photos of his wicked beast. And now to give you some specs on this amazing street Evo, it’s slammed on a set of Stance GR+ 2-way adj. coilovers and sitting pretty on some 19×10.5 +25 Advan RG-D with 5mm spacers up front. Other notably mods on this Evo includes various aero pieces from Varis, which includes the carbon spoiler and engine pieces from Touge Factory. All these mods combined for quite a machine won’t you say??…

Photos by Raymond Leung

Advan RG-D Equipped Evo

This is one of the first Evo state side that I’ve seen rockin’ the new Advan RG-D. These wheels are one of my favorite of the new models coming out from companies like Advan, Rays, Work, WedsSport, etc. Normally, most people will be content with just a set of nice wheels, and a drop for their cars, but this Evo’s different. It doesn’t just stop at a set of aggressive wheels and call it a day, it goes beyond that with a host of go-fast goodies and aero pieces from Voltex and Ings +1 amongst others.