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No Piston Aggression

Mazda’s FD RX7 has always been one of my favorite Japanese sports car of all time. Despite the maintenance and the reliability issues of the car, I absolutely love the free-revving 13B along with one of the smoothest body lines in automotive history. However, as much as I like the smooth lines, I prefer an FD that’s aggressive as fuck! Que, this bad ass beast from Japan. I mean, if this is not aggressive, I don’t know what is! This bad boy is rocking some sleek Advan RS wheels, that unmistakable RE Amemiya aero with enough custom canards (Voltex, K-Design, Origin) on the front bumper to slice a leg in several pieces!

Photos via MINKARA

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Pinkies Up

This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea with the whole pink theme that’s going on, but surprisingly, I kinda like the pink. And with all the color scheme deal aside, the rest of this car is just absolutely flawless. The LMs and RE-Amemiya exterior combo is just perfection.

Photos via MINKARA

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D-Like RE-Amemiya RX7

Well this is definitely something a little different……First time posting up an R/C car, but damn, this is a good one. Rocking a full RE-Amemiya kit along with Rays 57Xtreme wheels on stretch tires, this thing might just look better than the real deal!

Photos via MINKARA


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Victory Down Under

I’m sure I have said this in several previous blog posts before, but Australia’s got some pretty fine automobiles. And when I say fine, I mean gorgeous like this FD3S below rocking some ever so popular, aggressively sized, TE37SL. Along with the wheels, this RX7 is also sporting all sorts of JDM pieces from FEED, RE-Amemiya, and more. Truly a nicely done up street car!

Photos by Rey Jakovljevic via FLICKR






Street Demon

In my opinion, a perfect street driven RX7 should look similar to this beauty you see below, aggressive but yet refined. And one of the things that I love most about this car is definitely the perfect flared fenders on top of the aggressively sized AME TM02 wheels, which gives ‘stance’ a whole new meaning.

Photos by Graham Ritter / http://www.flickr.com/photos/62146944@N07/

Classic RE雨宮

Saw these pics posted on the forums earlier today and I thought they were more than worthy to be shared on the blog. This beautiful FD is rocking a set of aggressive Work Emotion XD9 wheels, along with a sleek RE-Amemiya kit, which is a definite staple for all great RX7s.