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[2013 NEW] Volk Racing ZE40

Rays Engineering have been making moves and churning out some really sick models lately, offering both revisions of classic designs and brand new designs as well. Here we have one of their brand new design, the ZE40. This beautiful wheel has got that classic 10-spoke design with very nice details and notably weight savings all around the wheel. Also, like all Rays one-piece wheels, the ZE40 is a forged masterpiece. With that said, I thing that I do point out that really caught me eyes is the similarity of this design versus the Advan RS…..maybe they got the inspiration from Advan? We’ll never know…..

Photos via FLICKR






I’m really feelin’ this matte blue finish!


[NEW] Volk Racing G12

Here’s a nice in-depth look at Volk Racing’s newest edition to their incredible line of wheels, the G12.

As much as I love Rays and its affiliates, I’m still not too fond of their new generation of wheel designs…..I would rather be old school and take a set of TE37 or CE28 over the G2 or G12, etc…