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Hottie: Gabby Jeanne

Here we go! It’s another hottie post! I’m sure most of you car guys have heard of Gabby Jeanne by now since she’s been blowin’ up in ‘the scene’ this year. She’s been on the cover of Import Tuner earlier this year and many other publishings and websites. She could also be seen in person at various shows throughout the West Coast. So, if you haven’t heard of her, you should get your ass out to the shows and say what’s up lol.

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Hottie: Amy Fay [Import Tuner+Bonus]

This hottie needs no introduction, you’ve seen her here before, and now you’ll see her here again! But just in case you didn’t see my first post, here’s the link AMY FAY

Here is her spread for the May issue of Import Tuner, and I’ve included a couple of bonus shots by the veteran photographer, Rey Trajano. Enjoy.

The Dopest Sil80

This candy orange Sil80 is in front and center of the May 2011 issue of Import Tuner. Sitting on 18×10 -3 and a whopping 18×13 +4 offsets Work Equips, how can you not like this thing!

Photos by Warren Shimquee

Hottie: Melanie Iglesias

A truly elegant, and beautiful import model is few and far between these days…..(sorry, no offense to any models out there). Melanie Iglasias is one of them. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Be sure to check out the December 2010 issue of Import Tuner for the full scoop on her.

Now on to the pics…