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The Baddest Grocery Getter: 420HP Forester STi

The Subaru Forester, a name rarely spoken around the spectrum of car enthusiasts. I mean, lets be honest, this car sits three feet off the ground from the factory, comes with standard fog lights and roof racks, clearly not a sign of a car enthusiast’s dream. But like they always say, there’s always an exception, right?

YES. And it goes by three letters. STi.

Now as we all know, any models that Subaru Technica International touches on is packed with performance upgrades and enhancements, this holds true for the Forester STi as well. Straight out of the factory, the Forester STi is packing upwards of 320BHP, which is incredibly impressive considering it is still a crossover wagon. But in many cases, factory spec is just not enough. Enter specimen below.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo f1_zpshkr9u1sx.png

Now THIS looks nothing like a standard Forester.

 photo f2_zpsfwn5b2nz.png

Lowered on Aragosta suspension and 19 inch Advan RS, this Forester is definitely meant for something other than off-roading and grocery getting.

 photo f3_zpst04wwg7i.png

 photo f4_zps2stoo5ro.png

 photo f5_zps22osu2iv.png

But the real magic of this car is under the hood where you’re feasted with a host of HKS upgrades.

 photo f6_zpsce8jrrmd.png

 photo f7_zps2kna4zxq.png

Of course the centerpiece of the whole engine bay is definitely the rotated HKS GT3040 turbocharger.

 photo f8_zpsw0k2gag2.png

And finally, the very subtle interior with minimal upgrades to keep comfort levels at its maximum.

Going For Classic: Nismo R34 GTR

Now THIS is a classic looking GTR. Nismo V-Spec II dropped on Tein CS dampers is all you need to make a R34 look more stunning than it already is from the factory.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo blue1.png

 photo blue2.png

Nismo exterior sets any GTR off just right.

 photo blue3.png

 photo blue9.png

 photo blue4.png

 photo blue5.png

 photo blue7.png

 photo blue8.png

 photo blue10.png

Classic LMGT4s sized in 18×10.5 +15 gives this GTR a killer stance.

 photo blue12.png

Keeping things simple under the hood are HKS goodies.

 photo blue11.png

 photo blue13.png

Interior is also kept simple with functional products like Defi gauges and Apex Power FC.

Cleanest Street Altezza Ever?

I know this is a bold claim, but I think I seriously consider this one of the cleanest/best street Altezzas that I’ve ever seen… Well technically it might not be the best because it does lack some interior and engine modifications, but as far as the exterior goes, it’s as clean as they get. I love that the owner opted for a mix match of exterior bits from Chargespeed and HKS among others that actually compliment each other very well. And those Work XSA04Cs finishes the car off super nicely.

Photos via MINKARA

p3 (2)




p5 (1)

p4 (2)


p1 (4)

p6 (2)

R’s Meeting 2014

I’ve been seeing some great coverage of the recent R’s Meeting posted up on the web the past few days, so I thought it’d be nice to showcase some of my favorites. In case you guys don’t know, R’s Meeting is a huge annual meet up of Nissan Skylines held at Fuji Speedway in Japan.

Photos via MINKARA <——- Make sure you guys follow the link for A LOT more photos!




p4 (1)



p3 (1)


p6 (1)


p7 (1)

p6 (2)

p5 (1)

p6 (3)


Ultimate BNR34

Godzilla at its natural habitat. This GTR is one of my favorites, and I bet it’s probably a favorite for many of you guys, too! I mean, this thing is pretty much a textbook version of what a proper R34 should look like; Volk Racing TE37SLs, Voltex everywhere, and a splash of Z-tune flavor as well, not to mention the HKS T04Z powered RB26 under the bonnet. A true masterpiece in automotive tuning.

Photos via MINKARA