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Red Hot Rotary Bunny

The Rocket Bunny FD kit have definitely taken off in popularity since its introduction. But like all exterior work, it takes the right combination of parts to stand out from the crowd. Enter Bunny number one.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 22847565736_fbfaeb917a_k_zpsaupjbfmk.jpg

Out of all the RB FDs out there today, this red example from Japan ranks as one of the best in execution.

 photo 22884700011_b1a5c13f9e_k_zps52ccvhi9.jpg

 photo 22873550485_883b935427_k_zpssqouq4uz.jpg

 photo 22250779314_9ae74e91c3_k_zpsgfhk1f9s.jpg

The ride height and wheel fitment on this thing is amazing to say the least.

 photo 22884669861_413ff5008b_k_zpskgkkxypj.jpg

 photo 22847544036_311665b276_k_zpspw6npdio.jpg

Work Meister M1 is a perfect choice for this car…

 photo 22873514515_557f91e121_k_zpsz83dgihr.jpg

In The Pink: Rauh Style

Over the years I’ve seen some sick Rauh Welt builds, of course some more memorable than others; among those, is this wide ass 964 Turbo from Japan.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 6e14c51c06_zpswqlfiook.jpg

 photo b17fe79a4d_zps3bysliqr.jpg

 photo 08e0d20438_zpsgvglnwy5.jpg

Lovin’ the deep HRE S101 and Toyo R888 footwork!

 photo 4ebf233c20_zps3dxnlg8a.jpg

Those hips sure look good!

 photo 63edf26f30_zps0j8tn844.jpg

 photo 8598b9e7f8_zpsdes8qbop.jpg

Wings that are ready for flight.

500HP of Black & White Goodness!

It’s another one of those Global Auto offerings and this time it’s a gorgeous R34 GTR producing 500HPs thanks to twin HKS GT-SS turbo chargers.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo 11_zpsiw9l5qtg.jpg

This is as clean as it gets!

 photo 22_zpsyiuogpgl.jpg

I love this black on white color combo.

 photo 33_zps6m6lglpv.jpg

 photo 44_zps4oqeilw0.jpg

Some might say it looks a little basic, but basic works in this case.

 photo 66_zps2rkujq5f.jpg

 photo 55_zpsbwwcoago.jpg

Profile looks good to me!

 photo 77_zpstyuivyt4.jpg

 photo 88_zps1rkg8uxd.jpg

Very simple and functional all around.