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Fit On Fleek

I haven’t really seen too many nicely modified new generation Fits, but they’re always out there like this beautiful example from Wekfest Japan! I absolutely love the fitment of the Work Seeker EX against the perfect wide fenders, and that dual titanium tipped exhaust looks pretty cool coming out the back end.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 17401342679_829e25460d_k_zps9cdwrxlo.jpg

 photo 17399871148_44f1910c93_k_zps7thltk0i.jpg

 photo 17585376932_6b0ab32497_k_zps7sklqs8q.jpg

 photo 17561360046_a7c8186219_k_zpsrm7zfkbr.jpg

 photo 16965132634_f30c4c3757_k_zpsqihdjwj4.jpg

The Work Seeker EX looks perfect on this Fit.

 photo 16967390753_897c211c18_k_zpsyf9cvvss.jpg

Mugen Flavored Suzuka

I always seem to repeat this notion, but a lot of times keeping things simple goes a long ways. Case in point, this simple and gorgeous JDM Suzuka Blue S2000. With this car, you can literally count the aftermarket parts on one hand, but because these are well chosen parts (i.e. Mugen M7) it makes the car stand out from the rest.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 17093520595_c16c79856d_k.jpg

 photo 16905747068_7d7b61da8f_k.jpg

 photo 16905963100_b4b117fe48_k.jpg

 photo 17067562826_17f2e40ad2_k.jpg

 photo 17067562396_e7680f5612_k.jpg

Cleaner Than A New Car: A Pristine JDM S14

The words “pristine” and “240SX” usually never go hand in hand, that is, unless it’s this JDM S14. Rocking a mixture of BN Sports wide fenders and URAS bumpers, this S14 is as pristine as it gets. Other notable parts around the car includes those gorgeous Work Seeker CX wheels, Bride driver/passenger seats, fully gutted and caged interior, and a set of HKS Hipermax coilovers to keep the car planted.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 62878c8f18_zpsqgbunqpw.jpg

 photo p2_zpsn6tzuyyn.jpg

 photo p5 1_zps5bpibwcx.jpg

 photo p1 3_zpswpfnhafr.jpg

 photo p3 1_zpszsblgcfq.jpg

 photo p5_zpspulmrkdw.jpg

 photo p2 2_zpsb7dknyxt.jpg

 photo p4_zpsbjljqaug.jpg

 photo p4 2_zpshx2zfuaw.jpg

Lexus RC350: JDM x Stance

Being in its first year of production, it’s safe to say that there aren’t many modified RCs roaming the streets just yet. But from the few that I’ve seen, this one from Japan ranks at the top of the list for me (Maybe behind the Rocket Bunny). Some might say it’s too much, but I’m loving the Work Emotion CR 2P and the negative camber it brings on this car!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p1-1.jpg

 photo p2-1.jpg

 photo p3.jpg

 photo p4.jpg

 photo p5.jpg

 photo p7.jpg

 photo p8-1.jpg

 photo p6-1.jpg

When you’re in need of extra stopping power……

 photo p51.jpg