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Red Hot Genesis

I’ve never been a huge fan of Hyundai’s new generation sports car…..that is, until now. I felt my jaw drop when I first laid eyes on this stanced out Genesis rockin some super aggressive Volk Racing GT-F wheels. Now THIS is how you mod a Genesis!

A Stand Out G

These photos are over a year old, so you might have seen them somewhere on the net, but I like to take this time to finally post them on my blog. This super clean and super bright G35 is owned by my good friends Angel and Lucas who’s been into the tuning scene since the high school days back in early 2000s. This stanced G is rockin some rare 18×10.5 +18 set of orange CE28, which are wrapped around some 295/30 Advan A048 rubbers.

Photos by Rodney Moenadi

Simply Fitted M

In the world of tuning and car modifications, simplicity is sometimes the best recipe. Take a look at this E46 M3 for example, there’s really not much modifications done to it, a set of Work XD9, coilovers, and small aesthetic pieces. But how these mods are put together is what makes this car standout, at least in my opinion……I mean, in this day and age, ‘stance’ is at the top of the pyramid, and this M3’s got just that.

Stanced & Charged M3

Here’s a nice set of photos shot by Samuel Dobbins of an immaculate E46 M3. This supercharged convertible Bimmer is rockin a set of super aggressive Work Meister S1, along with the usual CSL pieces such as the front bumper and rear diffuser.

Photos by SDobbins Photography