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Straight Outta Japan: 600 HP Midnight Purple GTR

As cliché a title this is, I thought it was appropriate for one of Japan’s finest automotive creation, the R34 GTR. This pristine Midnight Purple example is one of the latest offering that’s up for grabs through Global Auto, and this thing is packing some heat! Not only is the Midnight Purple version limited to only 300 units, this particular car is pushing 600+HP courtesy of HKS/Tomei internals and a Trust T78-29D snail…of course, with the built motor, this monster can easily achieve higher power potential through the use of a larger turbine.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g3_zpsfeorcwna.png

 photo g1_zpsqtppzzfb.png

Midnight Purple on Pressed Double Black TE37SLs is pretty fucking perfect.

 photo g2_zpse43kgbp1.png

 photo g7_zpsgf5hduvs.png

 photo g4_zps0seutjgm.png

HKS Hipermax coils keeps the car planted nicely.

 photo g5_zpsgiwkcg5d.png

 photo g6_zpsqqqdmeqk.png

 photo g8_zps8up6ukpn.png

 photo g9_zpspdj5setd.png

600 HP of 2.7L RB looks something like this…

 photo g10_zpshssnzdct.png

But of course, Greddy/Trust gauges are essential for a setup like this.

[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 LTMW Edition

So, I decided to start off my coverage with the LTMW cars because there were just so many of them and I managed to take photos of almost all of them. They had literally a full row to themselves, with almost the entire fleet sporting the Liberty Walk treatment. Of course, with this depth in quality builds, the LTMW crew took home the award for best crew, albeit easily, because I didn’t see any other group or team that could’ve matched up to their level. So, without further adieu, here’s some of my shots of the LTMW crew.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo ltmwlambo_zpsqzvvjuzj.jpg

 photo gallardoback_zpsvqb90mds.jpg

The Gallardo was one of three cars without the LB treatment.

 photo bunnyfrs_zps1gcchmcm.jpg

 photo bunny86_zpstejs2aoh.jpg

The FRS Bunny was the other.

 photo volkosti_zps7r6vvj7d.jpg

 photo pinksubie_zpsgr4o2cop.jpg

And also the outrageous Vollkommen Design STi.

 photo lbchallenge_zpsxahfdnbj.jpg

One of the first cars that greeted the spectators was this LB Challenger.

 photo marina3_zpstjnt59vt.jpg

 photo marinam3_zpsbnmzkgry.jpg

Yas Marina Blue is probably my favorite car color right now.

 photo ultram4_zpsum0omm6k.jpg

 photo ltmwm4_zps46zn5ndk.jpg

M4 looking a little subtle compare to its teammates…..but I ain’t mad at that. I love the subtle and clean look, and those TE37 Ultras look perfect on this car.

 photo black_zpsgo51h83p.jpg

 photo lbe92_zpsnuucq18k.jpg

This is the more crazier and lower BMW. I love the HREs in comparison to the Rotiforms on the other cars.

 photo ltmwgtr_zpsu2zc03hd.jpg

Of course, when mentioning anything Liberty Walk related, a GTR is the usual suspect. Though, I don’t know how I feel about these Rotiforms knocking on Watanabes…

 photo ltmwcrew_zpsqjtornvb.jpg

 photo lbgtr_zpspv1ouubu.jpg

The “other” GTR.

And my personal favorite from the entire crew……..

 photo 997_zpsk1bhxvy0.jpg

The 997 Turbo S with the full Liberty Walk scheme.

 photo ltmw997_zpsxywxwnyp.jpg

 photo 997rear_zpsfrjloszs.jpg

The Innotech exhaust looks freaking amazing fully exposed!

So, that’s it for right now as I need to go through some more photos from the event, but expect them to be dropped on the blog some time soon! Also, I know there were a few cars that I missed from the LTMW group, but I was probably distracted from doing other things… Anyways, thanks for looking as always!

Advan Circuit Meeting 2015

Another weekend, another meeting. This is the way of life for car guys in Japan, and needless to say, I’m a bit jealous. I honestly think one of these days I’m just gonna pack my bags and head to Japan for a year or two and just really indulge myself in their automotive culture. Cause I’m not really about that hellaflush or mad camber kinda life, to me, I personally enjoy track and functional cars over others. You know, events like HKS Premium Days, Hyper Meetings, Attack Challenge, Advan Circuit Meeting, etc; these are the types of meets that I want to be a part of, and that’s just something we don’t have here in the States. But anyways, I saw these photos from the recent Advan Circuit Meeting, and sharing is caring!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 04c35feb75_zpsiclkfyxl.jpg

 photo 751dde4252_zpsz8h0apsj.jpg

The famous RE-Amemiya “Hurricane” FD.

 photo da1ce0ddd7_zpskadcqvtx.jpg

 photo be8d7735bf_zpsk0pdsvyn.jpg


 photo e3c160db80_zpsgduwwq9t.jpg

 photo 65d76f3ef7_zpsonq1cqt8.jpg

Varis Ridox Supras are always eye candy.

 photo 153d99ce0c_zpseeqjwq93.jpg

HKS/Advan GTR.

 photo 8c1e5128b1_zpsgiv1zqnh.jpg

Unlimited Works EVO.

 photo p1 4_zpsulphn2sp.jpg

 photo 5791c6fb39_zpsiz2tjuun.jpg

 photo 38d7ad77ec_zpsfeks5omb.jpg

Arvou S2ks.

 photo 8f0dd2c727_zpsdea7ns4m.jpg

T.S. Factory S2k.

 photo c88e16bb22_zpsmeksr3qm.jpg

Techno Pro Spirit MRS getting some wrench time.