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Going For Classic: Nismo R34 GTR

Now THIS is a classic looking GTR. Nismo V-Spec II dropped on Tein CS dampers is all you need to make a R34 look more stunning than it already is from the factory.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo blue1.png

 photo blue2.png

Nismo exterior sets any GTR off just right.

 photo blue3.png

 photo blue9.png

 photo blue4.png

 photo blue5.png

 photo blue7.png

 photo blue8.png

 photo blue10.png

Classic LMGT4s sized in 18×10.5 +15 gives this GTR a killer stance.

 photo blue12.png

Keeping things simple under the hood are HKS goodies.

 photo blue11.png

 photo blue13.png

Interior is also kept simple with functional products like Defi gauges and Apex Power FC.

Japan to UK: Endless GTR 950R

I actually saw this on the U.K. GTR forum today, but apparently, one of its members recently purchased Endless Car Shop’s gorgeous demo R35 GTR! Not quite sure how much we’re talking here, but I’m sure it’s quite a hefty sum…

You guys can check out more photos by visiting the link below!

Photos via GTR.CO.UK

 photo IMG_4221.jpg

 photo IMG_4219.jpg

 photo IMG_4220.jpg

 photo IMG_4222.jpg

 photo IMG_4223.jpg

2015 HKS Premium Day [ Short Post ]

These are some of the cleanest shots I’ve seen from HKS Premium Day! I know a lot of pro shop and other notable cars are missing from the photo set, but what the photographer DID take was pretty sick none the less.

Photos via MINKARA <——- Make sure you guys click this link for more photos!

 photo p1_zpsa5203696.jpg


 photo p8_zpsb6e8f1ba.jpg

 photo p22_zps99480f8e.jpg

Liberty Walk always making a statement.

 photo p23_zps0b90cd18.jpg


 photo p12_zps2d06ec12.jpg

Tactical Art/Phaze2 Japan S2k.

 photo p3_zps11330253.jpg

Pretty clean 3 series!

 photo p41_zps7ff6fcfd.jpg

 photo p24_zpse1c1ad38.jpg

 photo p42_zps66666ac9.jpg

Kuhl Racing Design GTR.

 photo p71_zps6d61dea6.jpg

Spoon Sport NSX.

 photo p7_zpseea11cca.jpg

 photo p6_zpsbba59808.jpg

 photo p4_zps0d61f779.jpg

 photo p5_zps25ddcdba.jpg

Level One S2K.

 photo p51_zpscfb791e4.jpg

 photo p81_zpsb6ac499c.jpg

 photo p82_zps0a51da47.jpg

Clean Cut: R34 GTR x Work S1R

Here’s another gorgeous GTR up for grabs in Japan for about $40,000. It’s definitely a steep price for a car that’s over ten years old but I think you get what you pay for with this finely tuned machine. Like most tuned GTRs from Japan, this thing is rocking nothing but quality parts. One quick look at the photos and you can spot several notable exterior pieces in the Work Meister S1Rs sized 18×10 +/-5 front and rear, AP Racing BBKs, and Z-Tune fenders and hood. And where the eyes can’t see, this beast is also tuned by the famous Phoenix’s Power via a HKS F-Con V Pro, so you know this thing can perform!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo 3_zpscf1573de.png

 photo 2_zpsa1a5bb38.jpg

 photo 4_zps6b8d97b9.png

 photo 5_zps12ef9774.png

 photo 6_zpsdb43505b.png

 photo 7_zps51f2e1dc.png

 photo 8_zps762f708b.png

 photo 9_zps4bccf6c7.png

 photo 10_zpsaf5564db.png

 photo 11_zpsc3ea97e8.png

Tsukuba Attack Fever60

One of my favorite type of auto racing has got to be time attack/circuit racing and in Japan, this type is as big as they get. This year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on most of the events in Japan and the most recent event was this past weekend’s Tsukuba Attack Fever 60. Like most of the “Attack” events, this one was filled with some heavy time attack cars.

Photos via MINKARA














p7 (6)

Attack Tsukuba 2014 [ Videos Only ]

I know this is a couple months late, but I thought I’d make a post dedicated to showing some of the Attack Tsukuba clips that they have up on YouTube. It’s a shame these videos are only getting 1-2k views because they are some pretty high quality clips showcasing some of Japan’s finest Time Attack cars clocking in laps at the famous, Tsukuba Circuit.

For this post, I’m just gonna post up some of my favorite clips from the event, but make sure to check the bottom of the post for a link to the official “Attack” channel on YouTube! There, you can find all the clips for your enjoyment!

First up, Kyushu-Danji BNR34 GTR.

Wacky Mate/Masa R32.


AGY Spring Road R32.

Garage Kagotani FD3S RX7.

Top Fuel Racing (向島R) FD3S RX7.

RE-Amemiya Deep Grip FD3S RX7.

Rems Redtree Craft Company FD3S RX7.

Moty’s & Ones FD3S RX7.

Car Shop Glow FD3S RX7.

Cashew Sunlight S15.

Blue Car Front Row 997 GT3.

SunBeam E46 M3 CSL.

Tohen Power 48G EG6.

Arvou (Yellow) S2000.

Taga Works S2000.

Super Now 997 GT3RS.

Arvou (White) S2000.

Garage Car Thani STi.

——–> “ATTACK” Maximum Challenge YouTube.