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That Classic Swag

CCW Classics has become a fan favorite as far as wheel choice for Imports and Domestics alike. Its timeless design and infinite sizing can go well with almost any car out there, which is the main reason its popularity has reached stratospheric levels in recent years. Take one look at this Berlina Black S2k and you’ll see how a set of CCW Classics can instantly make your ride a head-turner.

Photos by Xaviar Delos Reyes

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Simply Fitted M

In the world of tuning and car modifications, simplicity is sometimes the best recipe. Take a look at this E46 M3 for example, there’s really not much modifications done to it, a set of Work XD9, coilovers, and small aesthetic pieces. But how these mods are put together is what makes this car standout, at least in my opinion……I mean, in this day and age, ‘stance’ is at the top of the pyramid, and this M3’s got just that.

Dumped Euro R

I’m gonna keep things simple as Stance Nation has already done an article on this hard-parked TSX, so I’m just gonna post photos that were not available on Stance Nation for your enjoyment.

For full Stance Nation article, click the link here —–> STANCE NATION

Photos by Jose San Luis

Luxuriously Done

There are times that you run into a car that just leaves you breathless…..A car that is so perfectly done up, that it leaves almost no room for improvement. That car is this Lexus LS400 you see before you here…..sitting so pretty on some Work VS-GS wheels.

Photos by Clifford Sutrisno

Purple Madness!!!

[DISCLAIMER]……The following car will blow your mind away.

In case you don’t know what car this is…it is the brand new Scirocco from VW, which is currently not available for the U.S. market.

And now, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Photos by Adam Ivell