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Tiffany&Co. Flavored Z33

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure most of you know of or have heard of the high-end jeweler Tiffany&Co and its trademark blue color. This famous Tiffany Blue hue has grown in popularity recently amongst tuners and car enthusiasts. However, this particular color is pretty difficult to pull of nicely but there are those few who have done it, such as this gorgeous 350Z below. This twin turbo’d Z is rockin’ a custom powder-coated set of Work Meister S1 in, of course, Tiffany Blue.

Photos by Justin Swain

Tuckin’ & Slammin’ TSX

This car is definitely not for the HellaFlush haters out there, so if you don’t like this style of tuning, go ahead and stay away from this post! However, if you do like stanced and flush fitment, then you’ll probably love this ride. If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, I’m a huge CCW fan, and this TSX is equipped with my favorite model, the Classic.

Photos by Sheldon Tran

Aussie Made S2K

Hailing from Down Under, this S2k is by far one of the cleanest I’ve seen in awhile. And not only is this car super clean, it’s also as legit as it can get. This S is rockin’ the ASM front bumper/lip combo, Mercury Silver Volk CE28n, Project Mu BBKs, Voltex rear diffuser, J’s Racing titanium exhaust system, and a host of other authentic goodies. This car is definitely ON POINT.

RE30 x RX8 : That Right Stance

A lot of people out there will argue that the stretched, and cambered ways of the HellaFlush movement is dumb or stupid. They may be right in a performance standpoint, but people have to realize that most of the HellaFlush crowd is only going for the cosmetic and hard-parked look, which they achieve very well with stretch tires and the over-dosage of camber. However, with all that aside, there are those few who opt to achieve a flush stance without hindering the performance of their cars. This RE30 equipped RX8 does just that.

Photos by Matt Salgado

Teaser of the kit that’ll be going on this car.