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For Love of Scaled Models #3: R33 GTR x BBS LM

I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with the details and customization on scaled models these days. You can literally build any car down to scale and have the parts and stance to go with it…… and that’s fucking awesome.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

This 1/18 scaled R33 is as bad ass as they come; rocking some re barreled LMs and a killer fitment…who knew model cars can look this good!

 photo g3_zpsgfbwryxv.png

 photo g5_zpspyzu642y.png

 photo g6_zpscaifzq2a.png

 photo g4_zpsuexiou5l.png

 photo g1_zpsgcocezon.png

 photo g2_zpsqncrrtpp.png

The Simpler Route: JDM Zele GTR

One of my favorite, more simpler kits for the R35 GTR has got to be the Zele kit and this one here is a gorgeously executed example. This simple but amazing looking GTR is rocking a full Zele exterior as well as some iconic BBS LMs that literally compliments any car.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo 1_zpsgebqaplu.png

 photo 2_zpsgznqgnwr.png

 photo 3_zpsdrv1htls.png

 photo 4_zps6l8ps3bm.png

 photo 5_zpssuf3lx3l.png

 photo 6_zpsqbnouc1e.png

 photo 7_zpsps0lfepb.png

 photo 8_zpsfilvx23y.png

 photo 9_zpsenbu5kag.png

 photo 10_zpsr8vmdq3j.png