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HRE x E55 = Super Stunner!

I’ve always been a fan of Mercedes’ line of AMG cars, and this one takes the cake for one of the cleanest E55s that I’ve seen. Rockin’ a set of HRE P40SC wheels, and a killer stance, this Benz is truly a car of luxury and performance.

Photos by Alex Stone

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Black Serious

This CLK63 below is nothing short of a car that means serious business. It’s equipped with a Weistec supercharger kit which brings power up over 600+ Bhp. And to top off this new found power, this beast is also rockin’ some super clean aesthetics that includes a beautiful set of matte black Volk G2 wheels. I think the white body paint and black wheels and carbon pieces makes for a nice contrast of colors.

Photos by Ronnie Renaldi

Silver Bullet

Widebody….., aggressive aero….., carbon fiber….., 500bhp…..all from the factory…..what more can you ask for??? maybe a set of wheels perhaps…..

this is one of my favorite car coming straight out of the factory…

Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series.

photos courtesy of Shaunporcarphotography