Mine’s 2.8L R34 GTR: For Paul

It’s probably safe to say that this past weekend was a pretty emotional one with the opening of Furious 7. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’d know the feels I’m referring to after you watch it. This past few days, whenever I hear Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again, or watch clips of the movie my heart starts racing and emotions starts building. I guess I didn’t know how much these movies and Paul Walker really meant to me until I saw this 7th installment of the franchise and his real passion for cars really hits home for me because cars have been such a big part of my life as well. With that said, I think this 2.8L Mine’s tuned R34 is a perfect tribute to the type of car that Paul Walker lived for.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo v1.png

 photo v2.png

Love the relatively subtle but effective exterior!

 photo v3.png

 photo v8.png

 photo v4.png

 photo v5.png

 photo v6.png

 photo v7.png

 photo v9.png

Classic bronze CE28 looks absolutely fitting on this GTR.

 photo v10.png

 photo v11.png

2.8L. HKS internals. HKS twin GT2530 turbochargers. 500HP.

 photo v12.png

Killin’ The Game: Garage Teranishi S15

In my years of blogging I’ve seen so many great cars and builds, and there’s always that few, that leaves me speechless. I just found one of them.

When talking about Silvias and 240s, most likely than not, we’re talking about cars with a few fender benders or even minor cosmetic damages; rarely do we see a pristine example where everything is aesthetically, perfect. In comes Garage Teranishi and this notion gets blown to smithereens.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s2_2.png

If this is not perfect, I don’t know what is…..

 photo s4_2.png

What I love most about this Silvia is the mixture of exterior pieces that work so well with each other. I mean this is not your ordinary Vertex or Origin kit. This thing is special. It’s Vertex + Origin + Kazama all rolled into one, and the result is spectacular.

 photo s3_2.png

 photo s5_2.png

Then comes the footwork and that didn’t disappoint either with those gorgeous Work Emotion CR Kai in a 17/18 configuration.

 photo s7_2.png

 photo s6_2.png

Every angle of this car is pure eye candy.

 photo s8_2.png

 photo s9_2.png

 photo s10_2.png

Talk about nice hips. THIS ^ is it.

 photo s11_2.png

You can’t tell, but this deceivingly subtle SR20 is actually stroked to 2.1L thanks to Tomei internals and a bottom mounted TRUST T517Z turbine.

 photo s12_2.png

 photo s13_1.png

 photo s14_1.png

Interior is kept very simple but functional.

 photo s15_1.png

For Love of Scaled Models #1: Mugen ITR

I’ve been doing this blog for nearly five years now, so I thought it’s about time to spice it up a bit. As most of you can tell, this blog is all about automobiles (Japanese mostly), and I thought it would be appropriate to add a new category of posts that would generate interest for all ages. I’m talkin’ scaled down, detail oriented, good old fashion, model cars. And to start things off on the right track is an immaculate Mugenized DC2R.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 16643076340_f03c01aaa0_b.jpg

This 1/24 Fujimi model is absolutely breathtaking and the photos really capture the details amazingly well.

 photo 16644336249_f0fbf2342a_b.jpg

 photo 16623141207_5bef0ea9b8_b.jpg

 photo 16829337372_14387965df_b.jpg

 photo 16830448845_eca35080a8_b.jpg

 photo 16642888388_6430ea535c_b.jpg

 photo 16644336509_b93d67b863_b.jpg

 photo 16830449125_b57d0e5932_b.jpg

 photo 16829380501_d6f0efd2e8_b.jpg

 photo 16210511983_9218c4406a_b.jpg


RE Amemiya FDs are abundant these days but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a special one out there. Case in point is this GT-AD wide body RX7 from Japan, rocking the RE kit along with the C-West DRFT front bumper, which I think fits perfectly.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo rx1.png

Lovin’ the Work Emotion CR KAIs!

 photo rx2.png

 photo rx3.png

 photo rx4.png

 photo rx6.png

Recaro RS Limited makes any interior look fucking stunning.

 photo rx5.png

Auto Produce BOSS STi Spec C

Saw this gem of a car on Yahoo Japan and I knew I gotta get a post started for this beauty. This is actually AP Boss’ demo car and is currently for sale for a ridiculous price of less than 15K U.S. I say ridiculous cause this monster’s got some tasteful (expensive) mods. Starting from the exterior, this beast is rocking a full Varis aero package, a set of prodrive GC-010G in 18×9.5 +12 sizing, and some ballin’ Ganador mirrors. Moving towards to engine bay, we’re greeted with a JUN 2.2L powered by a HKS GT3037 Pro-S turbine and a full BOSS titanium exhaust producing 450 HP. And finally, the interior; super elegant and simple with the help of Prodrive kevlar buckets and steering wheel.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s1_1.png

 photo s2_1.png

 photo s3_1.png

The Varis exterior looks absolutely amazing on this Spec C.

 photo s15.png

 photo s4_1.png

 photo s9_1.png

 photo s5_1.png

 photo s6_1.png

 photo s8_1.png

 photo s7_1.png

 photo s10_1.png

Rotated HKS 3037 Pro-S and a JUN 2.2L motor makes this STi complete.

 photo s11_1.png

 photo s12_1.png

Great builds have quality throughout.

 photo s13.png

 photo s14.png