BMW Cup @ Fuji Speedway

Another weekend, another cool ass event……in Japan that is. I’m talkin’ bout the BMW Cup at Fuji Speedway! Now, when I say BMW Cup, I mean some track ready German machines! Minis included!

Photos via MINKARA <——— Make sure to click the link for more!

 photo 230708_zpsrgvtionj.jpg

 photo 230711_zpsmmrzl741.jpg

 photo 230706_zpscetwphcc.jpg

 photo 230689_zpsregip4hx.jpg

 photo 230695_zps22sk0fxl.jpg

 photo 230664_zpshxjujkdw.jpg

 photo 230669_zpsdbpbgq8d.jpg

 photo 230612_zpskumfw0n7.jpg

 photo 230616_zpsaoutecun.jpg

 photo 230627_zpsovy6xsns.jpg

 photo 230596_zps1zbwfu8y.jpg

 photo 230622_zps8ytywolm.jpg

 photo 230594_zpsi2nc9z8x.jpg

 photo 230653_zpsc6qjxchm.jpg

 photo 230665_zpsglujxggo.jpg

For Love of Scaled Models #2: LaFerrari x SSR Koenig Monster

The thing I love most about scaled and model cars is that you can do whatever you want to them and just let your imagination run wild. So, you might not be able to own a slammed LaFerrari on old school SSR Koenig Monsters in real life, that doesn’t mean you can’t in a scaled down version…

And who am I kidding, I don’t think any of us will have the privilege of owning even a bone stock LaFerrari anyways…

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo la1_zps8bpaftfc.png

 photo la2_zpsamckxjqr.png

 photo la3_zpsm5wozfcd.png

 photo la4_zpsdxtqyou5.png

Wekfest Japan 15′: Onevia Spotlight

So Wekfest Japan just went down last weekend and I’ve been keeping a close eye on all the coverage coming through. Needless to say, I wasn’t very impress with the showing this year. As I mentioned in previous posts, I think the Japanese tuning scene, with the exception of shop cars, have been leaning heavily towards an American approach to tuning. They put so much emphasis on “stance” these days, that sometimes they go overboard and completely wreck the look of a car. With that said though, it doesn’t mean every car can’t pull off an insane stance…..Take this Onevia for instance, you can’t pull off this kinda look with just any car…

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 16765522894_fadcf94b8e_k_zpsae9xzai9.jpg

Out of all the cars I’ve seen from Wekfest Japan, I’d have to say this is my favorite.

 photo 17362100836_597d52f9cb_k_zpsyc1dlpbl.jpg

I love that they opted for the 180 front end and mounted a custom splitter on it. Clean, aggressive, and unique!

 photo 16765534944_1f643237fe_k_zpsxmh2cgzf.jpg

 photo 17180601507_69f064103b_k_zps6rsexkqj.jpg

 photo 17200245678_e2697e54a7_k_zps7pc2pwbl.jpg

The footwork is pretty impressive as well with them super aggressive Work MS1.

 photo 17200244438_829c01be61_k_zpssby6eyma.jpg

 photo 17388077795_d3d197ca59_k_zpstile4mlk.jpg

Under the hood is equally impressive as the exterior.

 photo 17362102096_629c4e3f78_k_zpsn9ndljxm.jpg

JDM Theory: 2.7L R34 GTR

So I’ve been browsing the web for some Wekfest Japan coverage and I must say that I’m less impressed with what the Japanese tuning scene has to offer these days. It’s almost if they are turning into their American counterparts with the saturation of nothing but stanced out vehicles. You may call me old school, but I’m not all about that stanced life, especially when it comes to Japanese tuning. For me, I always feel like the Japanese way of tuning cars is with class and functionality at the forefront but I guess times have changed. However, that doesn’t mean function AND form is in the history books, cause they’re still plenty of fine examples of old school Japanese tuning…

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo bb1_zpsxs7u8jy3.png

Others prefer stance, I prefer looks and function.

 photo bb2_zpsmydhbndq.png

Nismo exterior is always a nice touch to any GTR.

 photo bb3_zpssvhy8jug.png

 photo bb4_zpsdcstga0w.png

I LOVE this simple exterior with Nismo pieces and Volk Racing TE37SL 2012 Limited.

 photo bb5_zpsorodzprn.png

 photo bb6_zpsyhdozc7x.png

My favorite view of this car has got to be the back quarter shot. Simply perfect <3

 photo bb7_zps6aieyjrb.png

 photo bb9_zpsia5nwx2w.png

TE37SL Limited over Trust Grex BBKs is one way to achieve proper footwork.

 photo bb8_zpszwgf7aws.png

 photo bb10_zpswhc4mxwi.png

Under the hood is a bored out RB26 to 2.7L thanks to some internal work courtesy of tuning shop ATTKD!

 photo bb11_zpscexn8wrm.png

A relatively mild 550HP is achieved thanks to HKS GT-SS turbochargers, and HKS/ATTKD cooling components.

 photo bb12_zpscqsjfky1.png

Interior is very straight forward with a roll cage as well as Recaro SP-G driver side bucket and Recaro SR III recliner for the passenger.

Final Form FD

If I had to choose the best FD in North America, I’d say this Mayday Garage RX7 is probably on top of that list. I mean, talk about no short cuts taken, owner David Do did a tremendous job on visualizing and executing a spectacular build that has so much Japanese influences but yet made it his own. The Pro Shop Fukuoh front end though, is probably my favorite aspect of the car; it’s one of those pieces that sets it apart from the rest.

Photos by David Do via FLICKR

 photo 17358462742_09383b29bb_k_zpsq8kmrdey.jpg

This FD looks literally like the shop cars of Japan, and I fucking love it!

 photo 17359754545_f948355e6b_k_zpsxjecmsou.jpg

That Fukuoh and RE-Amemiya mixture is absolute perfection…not to mention the Volk TE37SLs x Project Mu combo as well…and every other part on this car.

 photo 17173547719_088c5e1d1d_k_zps8t6uuxa3.jpg

One of the things I love most about this FD is that from every angle, whether it’s front, side, back, engine, or interior, it’s got tasteful modifications throughout. And that’s exactly how you’re suppose to execute the perfect build.

The Baddest Grocery Getter: 420HP Forester STi

The Subaru Forester, a name rarely spoken around the spectrum of car enthusiasts. I mean, lets be honest, this car sits three feet off the ground from the factory, comes with standard fog lights and roof racks, clearly not a sign of a car enthusiast’s dream. But like they always say, there’s always an exception, right?

YES. And it goes by three letters. STi.

Now as we all know, any models that Subaru Technica International touches on is packed with performance upgrades and enhancements, this holds true for the Forester STi as well. Straight out of the factory, the Forester STi is packing upwards of 320BHP, which is incredibly impressive considering it is still a crossover wagon. But in many cases, factory spec is just not enough. Enter specimen below.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo f1_zpshkr9u1sx.png

Now THIS looks nothing like a standard Forester.

 photo f2_zpsfwn5b2nz.png

Lowered on Aragosta suspension and 19 inch Advan RS, this Forester is definitely meant for something other than off-roading and grocery getting.

 photo f3_zpst04wwg7i.png

 photo f4_zps2stoo5ro.png

 photo f5_zps22osu2iv.png

But the real magic of this car is under the hood where you’re feasted with a host of HKS upgrades.

 photo f6_zpsce8jrrmd.png

 photo f7_zps2kna4zxq.png

Of course the centerpiece of the whole engine bay is definitely the rotated HKS GT3040 turbocharger.

 photo f8_zpsw0k2gag2.png

And finally, the very subtle interior with minimal upgrades to keep comfort levels at its maximum.