The Route Best Travelled: BBS LM Equipped R34 GTR

I gotta say, there are very few cars that can surpass the presence of 560 HP of R34 goodness. And Global Auto of Japan always have a few pristine samples up for grabs!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo w1_zpseq75fgge.png

 photo w2_zpsqklfebhf.png

 photo w4_zpsgv95lyr1.png

 photo w6_zps5rhnpefq.png

 photo w7_zps9adjk0u4.png

 photo w5_zps8i7d54uz.png

 photo w8_zpsdjxmq7l3.png

 photo w9_zps2nbm44ol.png

Can’t really tell from the photo, but this RB26 is an HKS masterpiece with forged internals and twin GT2530 turbines among other go-fast goodies.

 photo w10_zps0v3asllk.png

[Event Coverage] Spocom Norcal 2015 [Part 3 End]

Throwing up the rest of the Spocom Norcal shots up here tonight and finishing up my little impression on the show. As I said in the previous post, the venue was very clustered and unorganized with distractions lined throughout the show (which you can see in some of the photos). But I honestly wouldn’t mind the distractions as much if the quality of cars were top notch. Of course, it wasn’t, and there were just too many sub-par builds that I can’t justify giving Spocom Norcal a good rating. In all honesty, I actually think their Japantown Shukai show in San Jose were better……and it was free for all…

Keep in mind though, this is all strictly my personal opinion and others may think otherwise, but in the end, I’m just all about getting good, quality coverage for the site.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo purp_zpsbd6icy3z.jpg

 photo spo54_zpsjsmp9bqe.jpg

The Super Street cover GS in all its glory.

 photo spo52_zps7dg2megu.jpg

The partner in crime.

 photo spo46_zpsx5edslyj.jpg

 photo spo47_zpskwfzuaua.jpg

Interesting WRC wide body STi on Work Equips.

 photo spo51_zpstmesxviw.jpg

LS460 with Black Pearl Complete Jewel Line kit.

 photo spo49_zpslw6nowdp.jpg

 photo spo60_zpsvw21kckx.jpg

This wide body Audi was legit!

 photo spo56_zpsf0hayvfx.jpg

Fiat on Work Meisters.

 photo spo55_zpszlocwl9l.jpg

G35 on Gulf Stich wheels.

 photo spo45_zps7k0vgasg.jpg

Volkswagon playpen.

 photo spo48_zpsa3eauw0g.jpg

Loved this van at every show this year.

 photo spo44_zpsrzdymcuz.jpg

The famous Subie wagon on some new Work VS-XX wheels.

 photo spo53_zpsxobajpob.jpg

One of my favorite car in the Bay Area at the moment.

 photo spo58_zpsbgdvvbpq.jpg

 photo spo57_zpsg06j9ztv.jpg

Couple more closeups of the J’s Racing wide body S2K.

 photo spo61_zpszt1zlmin.jpg

Probably the craziest Smart car out there at the moment.

 photo spo62_zpsiyol18dc.jpg

I’m always prefer a nice booty.

 photo spo59_zpsvnxsfn4z.jpg

 photo spo43_zpshhekcfbl.jpg

 photo jdmp_zpsb9qinijz.jpg

And finally finishing off the coverage with the JDM Palace RX7…..this is as JDM as it gets.

[Event Coverage] Spocom Norcal 2015 [Part 2]

Got a few more shots of Spocom Norcal up tonight. This particular post consists of mostly the Speed Element guys that’s been a staple in many Bay Area shows the past few years. So prepare for lots of STis and Evos… of course there’s a few other makes and models in between…

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo spo24_zpsmhq47vtt.jpg

Starting off the post with some bling! AP Racing x SSR SP3.

 photo spo25_zpsns8iphl9.jpg

Gorgeous M3.

 photo spo26_zpslfjfpjwr.jpg

The Speed Element R32 looking so fucking clean.

 photo spo27_zpsewuh1nf1.jpg

Part of the Speed Element lineup.

 photo spo2_zpsv9csxmio.jpg

 photo spo28_zps8p8mz1yn.jpg

 photo spo29_zpsrbllzslx.jpg

Lovely Subies.

 photo spo34_zpsfv6cwa5d.jpg

 photo spo31_zpstceriboa.jpg

 photo spo35_zpsihb0gyrr.jpg

 photo spo37_zpsena4bumo.jpg

 photo spo36_zpsac3jbog9.jpg

EVOs everywhere!!!

 photo spo33_zps6suqvb8g.jpg

That 458 on Advan GTs.

 photo spo32_zpsajghzzqy.jpg

Clean wide body 3 series on Work Meister S1.

 photo spo30_zpsezawclnq.jpg

Another 3 series, this one, a lot more aggressive!

 photo spo38_zpsao208dzy.jpg

Murdered out 370Z.

 photo spo41_zps8idm5mqk.jpg

 photo spo42_zpswlxynrcy.jpg

Loved these two Lexus’.

 photo spo39_zps62fk7pab.jpg

 photo spo1_zpsmjn6ul2l.jpg

A couple of the Limitless cars and possibly my favorite car at the show, the J’s Racing wide body S2000.

 photo spo40_zpsizvd0ovj.jpg

And finishing off this post with some monkey business!

Stay tuned for the rest of the shots going up on the next post!