The Golden Hour

So, I went to Fresno to visit some friends and family about two weeks ago and I had some free time to meet up with my friend Clint for a quick shoot with his FRS. I’ve known Clint for a good nine-ten years now and I’ve always had a good time chatting up with him about cars cause we both have the same views as far as modifications and building style goes. He actually has a STi that’s been in the building stage for quite awhile now that might break the internet once it’s all finished, but we’ll have to wait on that. In the mean time, he started another project with this FRS that he picked up from a friend. I’ve been told that since this shoot he’s already got some more goodies along the way, so might have to do a re-shoot in the near future.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo 1_zps6vhzkf2z.jpg

 photo 5_zpsr5yepmup.jpg

We went out to shoot around sundown so the lighting was near perfect.

 photo 6_zpsm39nkj2a.jpg

 photo 2edit_zpsy8zj325i.jpg

 photo 4_zpsvu4eacle.jpg

This guy is an avid supporter of authentic products which is the principle behind MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo 3_zpsrgybdysh.jpg

Volk Racing is synonymous with authenticity, so a set of ZE40s is definitely fitting for this build.

 photo 7_zpsllvw2mol.jpg

Showing off those Valenti tails for me towards the end of our shoot.

I realized that I didn’t get a lot of different angles of the car probably cause I was more interested in chit chatting, but hopefully I’ll pay more attention in the next shoot.

The Sexiest Euro R

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a witty title for this post, so I just went with a straight forward one… Anyways, I’ve posted this CL9 a few times before but it’s added a few subtle goodies, so I thought to share it here once more..

Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR

 photo 21452276320_2d5495d04b_k_zpsapktwzgx.jpg

J’s Racing is always awesome on any car.

 photo 21614144216_1b9a3a094e_k_zps7v5muwm7.jpg

 photo 21452515018_74d940f5bd_k_zpsiigae77q.jpg

Back end looking sexy as hell also with the Voltex rear diffuser, and what looks like a molded Tamon spoiler…

 photo 21628887522_3661078fc9_k_zpsuio0o0km.jpg

Can’t go wrong with TE37s.

 photo 21649316781_52ec1ea4d1_k_zps1pj0umry.jpg

One more with an equally sexy friend.

R’s Meeting 2015

Another year, another R’s Meeting. If you guys don’t know what R’s Meeting is, it’s an annual gathering of GTRs held at the famous Fuji Speedway in Japan. As far as meets wise, I can’t think of anything better than this.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo r1_zpsn9qhdp0z.jpg

 photo r2_zps20q58nrq.jpg

Enkei and Endless GTRs.

 photo r4_zpskxuovs1s.jpg

The Rocket Dancer R34.

 photo r6_zpsogmy93or.jpg

The Global Auto group.

 photo r3_zps8aa1xbyz.jpg

 photo 615059_zpsydybaxpc.jpg

All black everything never looked so good.

 photo r5_zpsppzecpnc.jpg

The AGY duo.

 photo r13_zpsd6eyvqzz.jpg

The Infamous JUN Auto GTR.

 photo r14_zpsvycexbs0.jpg

 photo 615063_zpsv1xiy00m.jpg

HKS Kansai GTRs.

 photo r12_zpsaoutmb33.jpg

Midori Seibi R35 GTR.

 photo r10_zpsmh8dt9pk.jpg

 photo r9_zpsw98w8ezd.jpg

 photo r11_zps3vqyihya.jpg

 photo r8_zpsqu8orebn.jpg

Omori Factory R34 & R32.

 photo r7_zpsvc7dcfa8.jpg

Garage Saurus R32.

 photo r15_zpsfwlnivdq.jpg

 photo r16_zpsmv2elpsc.jpg

Do-Luck R35s.

 photo r17_zpstrlsaz1x.jpg

Reverse Racing Technology Supply GTRs.

 photo r20_zpspgxoyglo.jpg

Liberty Walk in front of the Motul booth.

 photo r22_zps9xpjob1e.jpg

Advan R35.

 photo r19_zpsmjuqvyw2.jpg

HKS R34.

 photo r23_zpsrszb46oe.jpg

Top Secret R35.

 photo r18_zps3bleazwi.jpg

The infamous Varis Kamikaze R35.

 photo 613941_zpsj4ljmym0.jpg


 photo 613883_zpskab9vqwi.jpg

A GTR meeting is incomplete without a couple of Mine’s beasts.

 photo 613926_zpsx5hkc8xw.jpg

Rush Motorsports.

 photo 613949_zpsbms8rdbh.jpg

Racing Service Tagaki R34.

 photo 613954_zpssujkhlbc.jpg

Another famous shop in MCR displaying a few of its beauties.

 photo r21_zpsyehshcrf.jpg

And finishing off with a little Gran Turismo nostalgia.

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