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Big Body Silvia

The Nissan Silvia S15 is probably one of my favorite Japanese sports car ever produced and it definitely have one of the most elegant and free flowing body lines of any car in stock form. But with every factory spec car, there’s always room for improvement and with the S15, only minimal exterior enhancement is required to make it look spectacular. With that said, however, this particular post features a S15 with a more “wilder” demeanor.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo silvia1_zpsyoihvoek.png

C-West is the name of the game here, and it looks damn good!

 photo silvia2_zpsg4szrkkx.png

 photo silvia3_zps7rsj0gel.png

The C-West GT kit is one of the more rarer wide bodies for the Silvia as most tuners I see go for the Vertex and Origin kits. But I think a well executed C-West kit might just beat out the competitors.

 photo silvia4_zpsudtvxxxj.png

 photo silvia8_zps2motfgml.png

I don’t think there will ever be a car that would look bad on Volk TE37s.

 photo silvia5_zpswkw0rjql.png

 photo silvia6_zpstfcxyigi.png

Voltex GT spoiler finishes off the rear end of the car.

 photo silvia7_zpsyj10hm9s.png

 photo silvia9_zpsrengxlez.png

Under the hood is a HKS GT-RS powered SR20 cranking out 400HP or so… perfect for street/track duties.

 photo silvia10_zpsjq5prjek.png

Interior is left simple with a Nardi wheel, Recaro SPG bucket, and a host of electronic gadgets to keep car vitals in check.

 photo silvia11_zpsbvvdmdmy.png

Rio Fully J’s

The J’s Racing Type S kit is definitely one of the most classic, best looking body kit out there for the S2000. Before all these new kits that came out, i.e. Voltex, Tamon, even ASM, the J’s Type S was the pinnacle of S2000 exterior and it still is today. This JDM Rio Yellow S is a great example of utilizing and executing the J’s Racing Type S kit to its full potential.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p3 1_zpsqd1mvffh.jpg

Besides the S, the scenery is pretty on point as well!

 photo p7_zpse9gc28ds.jpg

 photo p8_zpsrcnfucj0.jpg

 photo p1 6_zps39tzjazv.jpg

 photo p5_zpsnds570nn.jpg

 photo p2 1_zpsxzdkojps.jpg

Matte black Work 11Rs fits nicely with the exposed carbon pieces.

 photo p3_zpsfnekdsv2.jpg

 photo p2 2_zpszayuare3.jpg

Literally everything is from J’s Racing.

 photo p5 1_zpsq0fapxnr.jpg

Advan Circuit Meeting 2015

Another weekend, another meeting. This is the way of life for car guys in Japan, and needless to say, I’m a bit jealous. I honestly think one of these days I’m just gonna pack my bags and head to Japan for a year or two and just really indulge myself in their automotive culture. Cause I’m not really about that hellaflush or mad camber kinda life, to me, I personally enjoy track and functional cars over others. You know, events like HKS Premium Days, Hyper Meetings, Attack Challenge, Advan Circuit Meeting, etc; these are the types of meets that I want to be a part of, and that’s just something we don’t have here in the States. But anyways, I saw these photos from the recent Advan Circuit Meeting, and sharing is caring!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 04c35feb75_zpsiclkfyxl.jpg

 photo 751dde4252_zpsz8h0apsj.jpg

The famous RE-Amemiya “Hurricane” FD.

 photo da1ce0ddd7_zpskadcqvtx.jpg

 photo be8d7735bf_zpsk0pdsvyn.jpg


 photo e3c160db80_zpsgduwwq9t.jpg

 photo 65d76f3ef7_zpsonq1cqt8.jpg

Varis Ridox Supras are always eye candy.

 photo 153d99ce0c_zpseeqjwq93.jpg

HKS/Advan GTR.

 photo 8c1e5128b1_zpsgiv1zqnh.jpg

Unlimited Works EVO.

 photo p1 4_zpsulphn2sp.jpg

 photo 5791c6fb39_zpsiz2tjuun.jpg

 photo 38d7ad77ec_zpsfeks5omb.jpg

Arvou S2ks.

 photo 8f0dd2c727_zpsdea7ns4m.jpg

T.S. Factory S2k.

 photo c88e16bb22_zpsmeksr3qm.jpg

Techno Pro Spirit MRS getting some wrench time.

Papa Smurf

Here’s another car I got a few shots of from last weekend, also my second favorite Supra at the meet behind the one from my previous post.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo smurf_zpsomcv4ne7.jpg

The Ridox front end was a very popular choice among the Supra owners, and for good reason….. It looks damn good!

 photo smurf2_zpsfixtra9h.jpg

 photo smurf3_zpsfby7oz1b.jpg

TRD wing and Top Secret rear diffuser rounds out the rear end quite nicely.

 photo smurf4_zpskcpdnsqf.jpg

 photo smurf5_zps0xefrnde.jpg

Footwork courtesy of a set of classic Volk Racing SE37.

Goin’ Wingless

I’ve been so busy these days that I’m falling behind on my posts, but here’s another car that I had a chance to pay special attention to last weekend. I saw this beautiful wingless Supra parked all by itself, so I took the opportunity to snap some detailed photos of it.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo supra1_zpsebsgv5u8.jpg

The Varis Ridox front end is one of my favorite for the Supra.

 photo mk4_zps01mlpvju.jpg

 photo supra2_zpsm2brrnzl.jpg

 photo supra6_zpsnle7v1yx.jpg

Everything works so well together on this MKIV.

 photo supra4_zpscogu5bmi.jpg

A lot of people actually prefer the wingless look, and I couldn’t agree more.

 photo supra3_zpsoiexqs4q.jpg

Flossin’ that gorgeous booty with that Top Secret diffuser.

 photo supra7_zpswjvuqbto.jpg

 photo supra5_zpshkfpeis6.jpg

 photo supra8_zpso0r3xqv4.jpg

Love the HRE 560C and vortex generators.

Got one more post from C&C SF so stay tuned for more!