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Cleanest Street Altezza Ever?

I know this is a bold claim, but I think I seriously consider this one of the cleanest/best street Altezzas that I’ve ever seen… Well technically it might not be the best because it does lack some interior and engine modifications, but as far as the exterior goes, it’s as clean as they get. I love that the owner opted for a mix match of exterior bits from Chargespeed and HKS among others that actually compliment each other very well. And those Work XSA04Cs finishes the car off super nicely.

Photos via MINKARA

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Chameleon NSX

I have always loved the mesmerizing chameleon paint, more so when it’s applied to a perfect car such as this NSX. One of the things that really standout about this car is the beautiful contrast between the paint job and the titanium finished Gram Lights 57S wheels. Also, the Ritmo widebody kit is pretty stunning on its own.

Photos via MINKARA

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Definition of the Perfect Honda

I know this is all based on personal preferences but this Sorcery equipped NSX is one of the most perfect I’ve ever seen. The owner actually had a set of Work XT7 wheels on before this setup, but I like the new XSA 04Cs much better! I know some of you guys like a more simple look as far as modifying cars is concerned, but I lOVE aggressive setups…..when done right of course.

Photos via MINKARA

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