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700HP Ridox Supra

Getting straight to the point with this gorgeous MKIV. Arguably one of the best kits for the Supra, the Varis Ridox kit sets the car off just right along with those aggressive Gram Lights 57Ds. And under the hood, as you can tell from the title, a 700HP, 3.1L 2JZ powered by a massive Trust T88-33D turbocharger.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s1.png

Decades later, the MKIV Supra can still be relevant.

 photo s2.png

 photo s3.png

 photo s4.png

 photo s5.png

 photo s6.png

SARD rear spoiler and Top Secret rear diffuser round out the back of this beast.

 photo s7.png

 photo s8.png

 photo s9.png

Gramlights and Brembos.

 photo s10.png

 photo s11.png

 photo s12.png

1st Degree Murder: Black on Black R34 GTR

Here’s another sick ass GTR I saw on Yahoo Japan. It’s very mildly tuned, with about 460HP which is plenty for street duties. Also, the thing I love most about this GTR is, of course, its sinister black on black exterior!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo blk2.png

 photo blk1.png

 photo blk3.png

 photo blk4.png

 photo blk6.png

 photo blk5.png

 photo blk7.png

 photo blk8.png

 photo blk9.png

 photo blk10.png

 photo blk11.png

 photo blk12.png

 photo blk13.png

Special GTR: Omori Tuned Nismo R1 BNR34

I think a lot of us can agree that the R34 GTR is probably the best, if not, top 3 Japanese sports car that was ever created. The R34 is one of those cars that need little to no work done from the factory. But of course, a little tweaking and modification upgrades never hurts…..such as dropping in an Omori tuned Nismo R1 power plant!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo grey1.png

 photo grey2.png

 photo grey3.png

 photo grey4.png

 photo grey5.png

 photo grey6.png

 photo grey7.png

Giant 6-pot Brembos looks absolutely gorgeous behind those Nismo LM4-GT.

 photo grey8.png

 photo grey10.png

 photo grey9.png

That sick Nismo R1 power plant!

Lexus RC350: JDM x Stance

Being in its first year of production, it’s safe to say that there aren’t many modified RCs roaming the streets just yet. But from the few that I’ve seen, this one from Japan ranks at the top of the list for me (Maybe behind the Rocket Bunny). Some might say it’s too much, but I’m loving the Work Emotion CR 2P and the negative camber it brings on this car!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo p1-1.jpg

 photo p2-1.jpg

 photo p3.jpg

 photo p4.jpg

 photo p5.jpg

 photo p7.jpg

 photo p8-1.jpg

 photo p6-1.jpg

When you’re in need of extra stopping power……

 photo p51.jpg

R35 GTRs @ Osaka Auto Messe

Every year, about a month after the Tokyo Auto Salon, there’s another gigantic trade show in the Osaka Auto Messe. Similar to TAS, this show also features some of the finest cars in Japan and a gathering place for hundreds of tuners and manufacturers. For this particular post though, it’s all about those R35 GTRs!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo 218697887_largev1424189637.jpg

Of course, LB GTRs would be present…

 photo 218698032_largev1424183132.jpg

 photo 218697871_largev1424189617.jpg

And the very popular Kuhl Racing Factory R35.

 photo 218697966_largev1424183134.jpg

 photo 218698055_largev1424183131.jpg

 photo 218697949_largev1424183136.jpg

 photo 218697759_largev1424183143.jpg

Gorgeous black on black Top Secret GTR.

 photo 218697855_largev1424183140.jpg

 photo 218697986_largev1424183134.jpg

Endless Total Car Care.

 photo 218698015_largev1424183134.jpg

 photo 218697903_largev1424183137.jpg

 photo 218698044_largev1424183132.jpg

 photo 218697821_largev1424183141.jpg

 photo 218697839_largev1424183140.jpg