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[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 4]

Got through some more photos today, so I’m gonna post them up here real quick. I realized I missed a ton of cars at the show but that’s my fault as I showed up at around 11:30 and I only had about 30 to 40 minutes before they started letting the crowd in. After the swarm of people started rolling in, I just sort of nit picked the cars I shot and at one point I was just like “fuck it” and sat down with my friends and just chilled. So, my bad if I didn’t get you in the coverage!

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo mugentsx_zpsld1wcpmq.jpg

TSX on Volk GT7 wheels.

 photo phoenix_zpszrg1dj9d.jpg

Love this Austin Yellow M.

 photo lexonis_zpsgoliud6e.jpg

Another shot of this airred out IS250.

 photo grayx_zpskujhebun.jpg

Evos always had a strong showing like this beauty on Work M.C.O. racing wheels.

 photo evos_zpsypqoyukl.jpg

 photo gold_zpsmxcleb9v.jpg

 photo continentalx_zpsyj1wore3.jpg

The Continental Tire booth had these two sexy beasts on display. Both dropped on air.

 photo arcx_zps60f6cqa2.jpg

 photo blkevo_zpsvjd9tqbg.jpg

More Evos…

 photo audi_zps96oe4qhk.jpg

Pretty damn clean A5.

 photo bluem_zps7zq38bbo.jpg

E46 M on Volk G25.

 photo e30_zpsq1uz9r5b.jpg

Mint E30.

 photo DSC_08241_zps4tc88mz7.jpg

Love this IS on RSV Forged wheels.

 photo mattem3_zpsiu6zkt6v.jpg

Matte black 3 Series on Volk ZE40.

 photo reddc2_zpsmke0bkfg.jpg

Proper DC2.

 photo r32_zpsoegjbzmk.jpg

As simple as this is, this R32 was a favorite of mine at the show.

 photo ultra_zpshrvpoklo.jpg

 photo te37van_zpsfccpylge.jpg

Accompanying the R32 was this matching Toyota Sienna on TE37 Ultras.

 photo x_zpszcveagw7.jpg

 photo whitex_zpszds8queh.jpg

 photo yoevo_zpsdw7wvqz8.jpg

More Evos!!!

 photo whtsti_zps4h1sspis.jpg

And STis!!!

 photo rios2k_zpsvqzzldga.jpg

Rio Yellow AP2 on white Enkei RPF1.

 photo s14kouki_zps21o1hokm.jpg

Clean Kouki.

 photo whitechallenge_zpsg9t8wapx.jpg

My favorite LB Challenger of the day.

 photo crooks_zpszixugd6c.jpg

Porsche of the Festival.

 photo yellowr_zpsuc5uzu0l.jpg

Next to the Crooks Porsche was this beautiful Type R.

 photo itbk20_zps45xfolyw.jpg

 photo hybridk20_zpsnk21xyuq.jpg

Finishing this post off with one of the most widely used engines of Wekfest, the Honda K-Series.

Got one more post to go after this, and I should be done with the Wekfest stuff!

[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 3]

Continuing straight on with some more Wekfest SJ coverage tonight, so I’m just gonna get right to it with this post.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo vans_zpsh3eub6of.jpg

The Van Kulture had a strong showing this year.

 photo wagon_zpst9ia9xad.jpg

There were a few of these circa 1999 builds.

 photo ef_zpsqzbzjhiq.jpg

One of several clean ass EFs in attendance.

 photo yellowdc5_zpsfz0wicq2.jpg

 photo dc5front_zpsku9z5iol.jpg

Loved this DC5 on BBS LMs.

 photo bbslm_zpswwj3dr4u.jpg

Red caps and gold hardware is the way to go!

 photo lexen_zpsdudb4rcm.jpg

The Lexon IS250 slammed to the ground.

 photo cusco_zpszt1hyjau.jpg

Seen this super clean STi on Enkei RS05RRs on multiple occasions.

 photo z33_zpstpr5lg7q.jpg

Last minute cleanup for this 350Z on Work Emotion Kiwamis.

 photo r32grey_zpsxt5tobtn.jpg

Street Sweeper R32.

 photo r1_zpscgjkm3te.jpg

 photo r1gtr_zpszdayqvhq.jpg

The R1 Concepts GTR looking tough in that Rocket Bunny kit.

 photo r1frs_zpscimx7en9.jpg

Another R1 Concepts display in this crazy FRS.

 photo mugendc2_zpsbfl4xahi.jpg

This Mugen’d out 4 door looked amazing as always.

 photo hatch_zpsyedr1y3h.jpg

Nicely done up EG.

 photo infiniti_zps11mcr7sm.jpg

Infiniti Q60 looks super nice on Work Meister S1Rs.

 photo grbsti_zpsbw8qgaxv.jpg

Many STis were on display at Wekfest such as this GRB.

 photo rx7fc_zpsjvikybgt.jpg

Beautiful FC on Gram Lights 57Xtreme.

 photo rhds2k_zpsslrs0f0n.jpg

 photo enginef22_zpsmgigdgfq.jpg

This was a pretty clean RHD S2000 equipped with a Vortech supercharger.

 photo blue_zps5lurhkh7.jpg

 photo bluefront_zpsmm2bpko1.jpg

Another equally clean DC2 was parked next to the S2000. Loved the Mag Blue TE37s on the blue body work.

 photo ls_zpstoz07pnx.jpg

Lexus LS from Team Legacy.

Nice looking Zenki by the Art in Motion/Lower Standards booth.

 photo work_zpssb0fusd2.jpg

The wheel game is always strong at Wekfest events.

 photo lbdodge_zpsqjyqqws1.jpg

And finally closing out this post with this sick Liberty Walk Challenger, one of three I believe, that were in attendance.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for a lot more coverage from Wekfest!

[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 2]

Sundays are usually the best days for me to update the blog and what not, so here goes a few more photos from Wekfest last weekend. Couple of highlights from this post is a police themed Acura TL and a super clean RSX that’s one of my favorite from the show. I also included a few of my friends’ S2000s in this post with whom I had time to catch up with for most of the show.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo red2k_zpsj1iuibxv.jpg

 photo reds2k_zpsl1amvi1s.jpg

Pretty clean S2k on Mag blue TE37SLs….. although my friend did point out there were some not so authentic parts on this car…

 photo hanzel_zpsszb8okwy.jpg

My buddy Hanzel’s super clean Mugenized S2000. Best S2000 winner.

 photo paul_zpsiyehzkhx.jpg

Another one of my friend, Paul’s newly supercharged AP1.

 photo mikey_zpsm7p89b2p.jpg

Mikey’s S2000, also clean and functional.

 photo voltexs_zpslfawhbtb.jpg

S2 on CCWs with a mixture of parts….. could’ve done without the carbon fenders but that’s just my opinion.

 photo lexi_zpsdvlqagqd.jpg

Lexus on Kranze LXZ looking dapper.

 photo dc24dr_zpstb10ldwn.jpg

 photo dc2front_zps1snndjff.jpg

This boosted 4DR Teggy was a favorite of mine. Advan RGs can make almost any car look fantastic.

 photo types_zpsibed1gm5.jpg

Another personal favorite. This DC5 had the most perfect fitment; concave CE28s and meaty tires.

 photo rhd_zps8foyglmm.jpg

 photo itb1_zps3r8mrkj2.jpg

This DC2 has a lot of potential, but first, that wheel fitment and sizing needs a little attention.

 photo euror_zpsizy1ygfu.jpg

One of the cleanest TSX I’ve seen.

 photo tl_zpswo0abwoh.jpg

PoPo got a new TL.

 photo m4bagged_zpsjso3rq1v.jpg

M4 splitting atoms.

 photo ct_zpszazjnomk.jpg

CT looking fresh in VIP style.

 photo smurfx_zpsvoqynqfj.jpg

Love the parts on this EVO X but not feelin’ the colors though.

 photo royalsti_zpsbvpc24xu.jpg

Another look at the bagged STi reppin’ for Royal Origins.

 photo royals2k_zpsh9qhqnlx.jpg

 photo tuck_zps1umhsio5.jpg

Another Royal Origins car with a pretty insane look. A little too much for my tastes.

 photo nsx_zpsrxg0oveu.jpg

A very popular Bay Area NSX at the Euro Boutique booth.

 photo bunny86_zps728amjhm.jpg

And….. closing out this post with an incredibly clean Rocket Bunny V.1 FRS. I loved that they smoothed out the entire car instead of leaving the rivets exposed. A nice touch to be different.

Stay tuned for much more coming up soon!!!