Monthly Archives: October 2011

First Name Cleanest, Last Name Ever

When it comes to modifying a car, everyone wants theirs to be the best. But as we all know, parts don’t come cheap, especially if you keep things authentic. So, the best way to accomplish a clean, semi-budget conscious build, you need to choose your mods wisely. This STi does just that. Every part that is on this car does its job of giving the car its unmistakable character, and these parts are all authentic. It’s rolling on a set of gorgeous and aggressive BBS LM, and got a face lift with the help of Zerosports and Voltex. This is truly one of the cleanest STi ever.

Photos by Gawa Photography

Super Lemon S2k

This Rio Yellow S2k has got all the right things going for it. The stance and fitment is just spot on! You might argue that it’s not ‘functional’, but some people prefer form over function. And this S2k takes form to a whole new level.

Photos by Gawa Photography

Crème de la Crème

The following car in this post needs no introduction. If you have been in the’scene’ the past few years, then chances are you’ve seen Bakajin’s wicked STi. This WRB STi has got the best of the best, I’m talkin’ baller JDM parts as far as the eye can see. Its got a set of custom polished Volk Racing TE37, upgraded Brembo brake kit, ultra rare Do-Luck carbon spoiler and trunk, Powerhouse Amuse titanium exhaust, fully caged interior, extensive engine modifications and many, many more! If you need to know what a truly well built car is like, look no further.

Photos by VN Photography