Monthly Archives: March 2011

Work Euroline X Stanced 350Z

Check out the stance and lips on this super clean 350Z! This beauty is sitting on 19×10 -9 and 19×11 -21 Work Euroline wheels! Although, I would prefer this car to be an other color, everything still goes together quite nicely.

Photos by Chris Minshall

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03′ Super S2k [Teaser]

This car has come a long ways, but here’s a little teaser of a fantastic looking S2k owned by Mr. Lee Vincent Ellis aka… 03supers2k. In case you were wondering, wheels are Championship White Volk Racing RE30 in 17×9.5 +22 offsets all around. And also, not only is this beast good looking, it packs a mean punch via a GT3071 turbocharger mated to a newer F22c motor. Stay tuned for a full shoot…..(hopefully soon)

Trance Musicccccccc Vol. 28

Shogun feat. Melissa Loretta – Skyfire (Original Mix)

John O’ Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Bring Back The Sun (Original Mix)

Tritonal feat. Meredith Call – Broken Down (Club Mix)

Track Duo

The Voltex Cyber Evo kit has been and continue to be one of my favorite aero kit made by any one for any car…So, whenever I come across an Evo sporting this kit, I’ve gotta post it! Also, as an added bonus this time around, there’s a nicely modded S2k to go along with the Voltex Evo..

Photos by Jet Rabe

Yin Yang Roadsters

Here is a nice shoot of two of the most well built and agile roadsters to ever come out of Japan…The Mazda Miata, and Honda S2000. The Miata is wearing some super aggressive Work Equips, while the S2k keeps things a little more civil with a standard set of Enkei RPF1. However, besides the difference in wheel setup/aggressiveness, both of these cars have quite a bit of similarity between each other, such as the use of a roll cage/roll bar, track oriented suspension setup and other miscellaneous exterior pieces.

Photos by Sid Titus

‘Pray For Japan’

It has been about a week now since the revised magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan’s northeast coast. As a result of this catastrophe, many organizations have come together to show support and lend help to the devastated country. As an automotive enthusiast, you can do your part in this hard time by purchasing a few stickers from the following automotive blogs, keep in mind, all proceeds go to the Japanese relief funds.


State Of Stance


Wider Down Under

It’s very unfortunate that the Nissan Silvia S15 was never imported into the U.S., but there are many parts of the world, who did not suffer from our misfortune. One of them is the country down under, Australia. Many Aussies have some sort of exposure to the tuning scene, and Japanese tuning has been extremely big as of late…I mean, the World Time Attack is only held in Sydney…..So, it didn’t really surprised me when I came upon this ultra sleek widebody S15…

This beauty is rockin’ a rare Wise Square Besiege D1 Spec Pro widebody kit…yeah, I know, long ass name…It’s also rolling on some 19 inch Volk Racing GT-V wheels and is powered my a HKS T04Z turbo’d powerplant. Talk about the complete package!

Photos by Matyas Fulop